More than half a century, baritone Gotthard Eder has been on tour with his guitar.

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Presenting the anniversary CD during

the Bishops’ Conference at the Benedictine Monastery Michaelbeuern

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Abbot Johannes Perkmann, Archbishop Dr. Franz Lockner, CD benefactor Gotthard Eder

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Article in a local newspaper in November 2018

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Article in the Salzburg Krone newspaper in Dec. 2016

‘Silent Night’ for UN Soldiers

For more than 10 years, musician Gotthard Eder has been operating as ‘Peace Ambassador’.
Ever since the native of Oberndorf published his ‘Silent Night’ CD in 15 languages, in fact the original version with six verses. 1700 UN soldiers were delighted when he donated 1700 of his CDs.

Salzburg Krone newspaper, December 2011

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Presenting the certificate “Ambassador for Peace” to Gotthard Eder

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‘Connecting nations through music’ new release of the ‘CDSilent Night in 15 languages
and 6-verse original version’

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Article in Salzburg business magazine, December 2003

Stille Nacht in 15 Sprachen stellt sich bei “Vera” vor!

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Artikel: Salzburger Kronen Zeitung – 17. Dezember 2003

Erst Vera, dann ab nach Texas
Die Stille-Nacht-Interpreten im Stress: Nach TV-Aufzeichnung geht`s in die USA.

Stille Nacht Interpreten bei Vera

Artikel: Salzburger Kronen Zeitung – 17. Dezember 2003

Silent Night CD, performance on Austrian TV

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