Singers and soloists from 10 nations sing in 15 languages

Soloists 1

qualified soprano
Bruckner Academy of Music Linz
Salzburg Mozarteum

Soloists 2

Tenor training at Salzburg Mozarteum
numerous international
appearances as a religious singer

Soloists 3

2002 Tenor diploma Salzburg Mozarteum
numerous concerts in Georgia
GUS-States, Austria

Soloists 4

6 years
as a singer at the Peking Opera
Qi-Gong instructor

Soloists 5

qualified soprano
Mozarteum Salzburg

Soloists 6

qualified soprano
Salzburg Mozarteum
1999 “Bachelor of Arts”

Soloists 7

multi-cultural artist and
musician of South American Indian
origin, resident of Helsinki

Soloists 8

studied Baritone at Salzburg Mozarteum
Engagements in Rome, Zurich, Freiburg
soloist at anniversary celebrations of the pope, Vatican1997

Additional Soloists:

Korean: Su-Lee Lee, Seoul, studies Soprano at Salzburg Mozarteum
Armenian: Anusch Nersisjan-Gerstendorfer, Armenia/Salzburg, Soprano soloist
Base and Speaker: Hermann Schmid, Salzburg, Baritone, studies vocal music at Mozarteum, Musician
Conzert harp: Mag.Sabine Kraus, Oberndorf, much celebrated harp soloist, teacher
Original version soloists: brothers Josef & Franz Fuchsberger, Koppl-Salzburg with their ensemble (refrain)
Abbey organ Michaelbeuern: Mag.Claudia Loiperdinger, organist und music teacher, Vienna
Guitar: Gotthard F. Eder, Arnsdorf / Oberndorf, a Silent Night soloist for over 45 years

” Stille Nacht-CD in 15 Sprachen”, Präsentation Salzburg-TV 2002

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