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Silent Night Edition

all 2 CD’s in a value pack

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LYRICS, German, English, total of 15 versions “Silent Night”.

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Silent Night Edition

all 2 CD’s in a value pack

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Erstmals „Stille Nacht“ in 15 Sprachen und 6 strophiger Original-Fassung . . .


erstmals in 15 Sprachen und 25 Versionen

„JUBILÄUMS-Stille Nacht CD“ 7 Sprachen

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CHOR-und Orchester, Gmundner Fassung aus 2014, TEXT-Fassung, deutsch, englisch, insgesamt 15 Versionen „Stille Nacht“.


Singers and Soloists from 10 Nations are singing in 15 languages. Renowned individuals from Mozarteum University Salzburg, the Bruckner Conservatory Linz and from around the world.


Learn about the touching story of this multi-language Silent Night CD. Who is Gotthard F. Eder? What gave him the idea? How did the CD get out into the whole world?


Read about the many top-class awards. Famous celebrities from politics and religion appreciate the unique 6 verse ‘Original Silent Night CD’.


Audio samples of the 25 variations of Silent Night. All melodies according to the original version of F.X. Gruber.



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On November 16, 2006, Gotthard Eder was awarded by the Austrian delegation of the international Federation for World Peace the distinction ‘Ambassador of Peace’ as appreciation for publishing the CD ‘Silent Night in 15 languages’ as a message of peace. Learn more…


Homepage 13Pope Benedict XVI was presented the original CD ’Silent Night in 15 Languages‘ by Archbishop Kothgasser – in celebration of the diocesan pilgrimage 2006.

Erst “Vera” dann Texas

Homepage 14Ein interessantes “Stille-Nacht-Experiment”. 6 SOLISTEN singen bei Vera, in ihrer TV-Show das Lied “Stille Nacht” in 6 Sprachen (deutsch, englisch, spanisch, russisch, polnisch, chinesisch). Und alles in 3 Min. Sendezeit. So etwas gabs noch nie!

’Silent Night’ for UN Soldiers

Homepage 15Christmas 2011, with the help of various politicians Gotthard Eder sent 1700 original CDs ‘Silent Night in 15 Languages’ to UN soldiers on deployment all over the world.

Learn more about the Silent Night performers

Singers and Soloists from 10 nations sing in 15 languages

Gotthard F. Eder, Karin M. Eder, Gebrüder Josef u. Franz Fuchsberger, Mag. Sabine Kraus, Chih-Kuang Lai, Su-Lee Lee, Mag. Claudia Loiperdinger, Mag. Tadeusz Milewski, Josè Moncada, Kayo Nakai, Juan Carlos Navarro, Anusch Nersisjan-Gerstendorfer, Mag. Gabriele Qi, Hermann Schmidt, Zurab Zurabishvili


The Christmas song Silent Night has been translated in approximately 300 languages and spread across the globe into all continents as a Christian song. Early on in its extraordinary story of reception, its original number of verses, special features in its melody, and lyrical context got lost; all features, which have connected it up until today with the places of its origin in the Salzburg area.The CD produced by Gotthard Eder continues the global dimension of its spread and connects it with the song’s own originality. By doing so, he created special fascinating aspects. It might surprise that one can listen a dozen times in a row to Silent Night in such various interpretations and languages without boredom. But this song has/possesses in its structure as well as its message such an unbelievably high adaptability that it continuously formulates itself over and over in the most various styles and dictions without losing its identity.

Furthermore, this CD conveys what no text, no book, no exhibition, no speech can communicate: its music spontaneity, which becomes livelier if it is arranged and produced in a creative way. Where would we be, if Silent Night won’t be sung in the future? All thoughts and accents for the song, however valuable and ambitious, would be in vain. Therefore, above all it is important to uphold the song’s musical message.

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